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Bleeding Moles: Half Moles falls and starts bleeding


Bleeding moles, has a half part of your mole suddenly felt away and started bleeding? is a bleeding mole always a cancer? These are some of the common questions when moles bleed. Bleeding moles can be due to a variety of reasons melanoma, benign seborrheic keratosis or due to physical nurtures

bleeding moles crusty

But before you’re here to diagnose about your bleeding moles you should know that various factors are taken into account like age, skin type, physical activities and food habits. If your age is above 40 then it’s quite normal for this sort of abnormalities like a half part of moles falls and away and starts bleeding. If you’re much younger then here are list of possibilities that can happen. Be whatever your age is, if you find it disturbing then go for an appointment with your local doctor.

Bleeding Moles: Melanoma The Worst case

Starting with the worst, it’s not to make you afraid rather to enrich your knowledge. Melanoma is termed as the worst possible skin cancer. It is not only harmful but also leads to cancerous growth when un-repaired DNA damages to skin cells. After that the skin cells rapid multiply and forms malignant tumors.

It can happen anywhere, under the toes, on fingers, on hairs etc. Don’t worry melanoma is curable and if cured early it’s not fatal. Here is how you can spot Melanoma:

  • Melanoma generally starts with a new skin that’s unmarked.
  • The skin grows suddenly, with advance in shapes and sizes.
  • It can also start with an existing mole.
  • On Older people melanoma generally grows on the face.
  • It is also found that in older men melanoma is common on necks, scalp and ears.

In case your mole isn’t recovering over few weeks, itchy dry sensation, mole is falling away and bleeding then you should seek doctor’s (Dermatologist) help as it can be due to melanoma. Here are some pictures of melanoma for you to self diagnose.

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Bleeding Moles: seborrheic keratosis Normal Case

If you’re having moles due to seborrheic keratosis then you should feel yourself lucky. It is a benign in nature. It’s most common in ladies after 40 years, so if you’re of that age don’t worry. These moles can be found anywhere and even on back or butt.

Remember Melanoma can arise from an existing mole too, so if it changes shape, size or even color then go for a doctor’s care.

Can itchy Moles be harmless

Itching is caused due to irritation of never in your skin. A several factors plays beside it, though melanoma isn’t always the possible cause. Irritation can be due to regular sun burns,  chemicals, dryness of the skin etc. Here are some more reasons explained so that you can self diagnose it.

  1. Are you washing clothes by using laundry detergents?
  2. Are you in contact with any chemical jobs? Ex- Spraying, Painting etc.
  3. Is there any typical lotion you’re using in your body?
  4. Is your body exposed to sun burns?

Note: Itchy moles can be harmless, until it shows any sign of melanoma. If the mole is bleeding or changing shape on it’s own then be aware. If you’re doing any possible things from above then stop it for some weeks and observe the change.

Over to you!

Bleeding moles, may or may not be carcinogenic. A half bleeding mole is a serious issue and earliest care must be taken in order to fix it. If it’s due to some natural occurrence then you won’t find much change in it. If your mole is peeling off, bleeding regularly then you must take the help of a dermatologist. We have also provided the list of pictures and how to identify between a mole and melanoma. Hope the guide helps you a lot, if you got any questions then do comment below.

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