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What is Dent in skull: What are the common causes?


Are you having a dent in skull? Well, a Dent in skull is quite annoying and it isn’t normal for anyone. It can cause due to Gorham’s diseases or Vitamin A toxicity. Size of skull dent varies from a size of the tip of a finger to a big dent. Now, Gorham’s diseases is a rare form lymphangiomatosis associated with profound osteolysis. Being more simple this disease is rare but if it happens then your bones will turn into vascular tissues thus making your skull disordered.

As the bone turns into vascular tissues, the space gets softer and thus the shape changes. Here are some of the symptoms mentioned about Gorham’s disease that will help you to better understand it.

  • A dull ache, but an ache in skull rather than head. It’s like someone is beating on your head.
  • Difficulty in breathing and chest pain.
  • Acute onset of localized pain and swelling.
  • Un-explained weakness due to calcium contents of blood.

Vitamin A toxicity is another reason due to which dent in skull occurs. Mainly due to this we find dent in skull on back of the head. Vitamin A toxicity occurs when you consume a lot of vitamin A than you actually need. The acute toxic dose of vitamin A is 25,000 IU/kg, and the chronic toxic dose is 4000 IU/kg every day for 6-15 months. It also has the same affect as that of Gorham’s disease. Your head swells up leading to a dent in skull.

Mainly due to excessive intake of fat soluble vitamin is the major cause of vitamin A toxicity. Fat soluble vitamin contains Retinol and retinoic acid which in terms affect the body in some major ways. Excessive intake can also lead to death followed by liver damage, hairloss.

Also if the level of Vitamin A intake is not proper then your child may suffer a dent in skull, follow this table for more.

  • 0-6 Months: 400 mcg
  • 7-12 Months: 500 mcg
  • 1-3 Years: 300 mcg
  • 4-8 Years: 400 mcg
  • 9-13 Years: 600 mcg
  • 14+ Years: 700-900 mcg

Also a Doctor’s advice is much needed.

dent in skull

Dent in Skull No Injury

Many a times we’re mistaken on the fact that we didn’t had any injuries then from where this dent in skull came? By now you all are already familiar with the effect of Vitamin A and Gorham’s diseases. Now here are few more points that you need to take care. Did you’d any infections pastly? Infections can lead to corrosion of bones an thus a dent is more obvious.

Meningitis, this is mainly caused due to an infection. It causes inflammation of brain and spinal cord membranes. This is mainly a viral infection and can be cured by vaccines if taken at an earliest care. Well as you stated dents in skull but with no injury then these are some of the possible cases that may happen.

Skull Indentations

Skull indentations are common to many a people. It’s also a hereditary diseases for some people as they state their parents had too. It can also occur due to tensions, wearing glasses, etc. It will make you feel like your head is coming out of your body but it’s not that dangerous yet you should take a doctors advice.

How To Cure Dent in Skull

In order to cure the diseases you need to know the root of it first. You should take the help of a doctor or a local surgeon who is knowledgeable about it. Here are some process that are used to cure dent in skull.

Cure Dent in Skull due to Gorham’s Diseases

  1. Radiation Therapy.
  2. Anti osteoclastic medications.
  3. Surgical Reconstructions.
  4. Alpha 2-b Interferon.

So these are the four treatments that you can opt for inorder to treat your dent in skull. Surgical reconstructions is not that much suitable as there can be some complexities later on.

Cure Dent in skull due to Vitamin A toxicity

  1. Stop taking Vitamin A supplements.
  2. Blood test to check the amount of Vitamin A.
  3. Diagnosing at the doctor’s clinic.

Vitamin A toxicity can lead to a serious cause as it mostly affects the liver or kidney. The severity of damage will be seen first before diagnosing or starting your treatment.


If you find any of the symptoms stated here then don’t just sit, make sure to visit a doctor. Our guides won’t cure your diseases it will just help you to understand your disease better. Dent in skull can be a major issue as a lot of disease are connected with it which must be cured as early as possible.

Apart from all these a dent in skull can also happen due to hammarage of brains. Hope the guide helped you in order to find your symptoms, if you face any symptoms like dent in the back of head, dent in skull or be it anything related to dent in skull then this guide will surely help you. Do comment if you’ve any serious issues.

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