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Lump in Butt: Symptoms and causes and cure explained


A lump in a butt isn’t something common for everyone. If you’re having a lump in butt then something is wrong in your body. A lump in butt is mainly caused due to cyst that should be taken care as early as possible. Also it could be a reason for benign growth.

A benign growth isn’t a malignant tumor aka cancer but it can be painful later. It’s painful as it will surround near nerves and blood vessels which will ultimately cause pain.

Another reason behind it could be Dermatofibromas, though it’s a benign growth only. If that’s the case then treatments are pretty easy. This is something pretty common in most woman. So let’s learn more about lump in butt and how to cure it at the earliest possible stage.

lump in butt

Dermatofibromas: Lump in Butt

Mainly as stated before this occurs in woman mostly. Areas underlying legs and butt cheeks are the most common where it happens. It’s painless, reddish brown in color and occurs beneath the skin. According to mediscape, it can also lead to skin tumor so earliest possible care is must needed.

As these are asymptomatic so we don’t find many symptoms. Here are some of the symptoms that you can match with:

  • Itchy and painy.
  • Round Brown red in colour.
  • Ulceration affect.
  • If you shave there then you feel bleeding, errosive changes etc.

Remember: Dermatofibromas rarely require treatment. … Very rarely, a certain skin cancer that initially resembles a dermatofibroma can spread. This skin cancer has a long name called a dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans (DFSP)

Cure: Well, you don’t have to worry as there are treatments for it. You can go to a doctor and he or she will freeze it with liquid nitrogen. Also laser therapy is available so you don’t need to worry much if dermatofibromas is the cause for your lump in butt.

cyst: lump in butt

Cyst: Most Common Cause of Lump In Butt

If cyst is the reason for the lump in your butt then you ought to be a lucky one. Cyst is the most common cause, it’s non-cancerous so you don’t need to worry much. A cyst mainly filled with liquid, semi-solid or gaseous materials. You can rupture a cyst using your fingers only but make sure to use antiseptic to sterilize that portion or else infection may take place.

Cyst can be painful when you position yourself to sit on something. Mainly they are filled with puss butt before practicing anything take the help of a doctor.

How to Cure Cyst

  1. You need to wipe out the entire sac of the cyst or else it will grow again.
  2. If it’s a serious one then you can go for medical and surgical one whichever suits you.
  3. You can use needles to puncture it, a home remedy but sterilize the needle first before practicing it. Do it at your own risk.

There are hundred types of cyst, also a cyst is due to it’s genetics, infections and sebum formations. Also if you don’t take regular baths then cyst can form on your body.

lipoma lump in butt

Lipoma: Another Cause of Lump in Butt

They are slow growing and are mostly harmless. Lipoma may sound as a soft tumor but rarely they are cancerous. It can be more than one in your butt. Also these are more fatter than other lumps. It is very common an it appears like soft bumps so don’t be afraid.

Mostly these are formed in shoulders and neck and are rarely seen in butt. What causes lipoma? Well genetic factors, Gardner syndrome can be entitled for the formation of lipoma.

How to Cure Lipoma

  1. It gets cured automatically, well don’t sit for that have a check from your nearest doctor.
  2. It won’t bother you that much so it’s up to you if you want to remove it.
  3. You can pop a lipoma easily, so a home remedy is also there.
  4. You can go for a surgery but don’t worry it won’t grow beyond 5 cm.

If you go to a doctor he or she will do a physical test. if the lipoma looks unusual then they will go for biopsy and further ultrasound and imaging test for further procedures.


Everything has been explained with proper guidance. Don’t be your own doctor until you understand that it’s not harmful. Before performing any operations make sure to sterilize the needle first if you’re opting for home remedies. A lump in butt isn’t a serious issue until and unless the lump looks unusual. You can comment below your issue and I’ll surely try to assist you in the best possible way.

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