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Lump On Calf: Top 5 Causes And Symptoms Explained


A lump on a calf can be both scary and irritating. When you look down to your leg and you find a lump in leg or calf, the world of questions arises in your mind. Often we are confused with both terms “lump” and “Bump”. A bump is something that arises outside the skin where-else a lump arouses inside the skin.

A bump on legs and calf muscles are something pretty normal. But first you need to understand the difference between the lump and bump. Our detailed article will help you to differentiate between them so do read the whole article in order to get the idea.

Lump On Calf Possible Causes

Here are the list of possible causes that can promote a lump on your calf. Do check all this causes and self analyse with your condition.

A Cyst In Your Skin

If you’re seeing a cyst in your skin then don’t worry it’s non-cancerous. A cyst is generally a closed pocket of fluid filled with pus and other materials. A cyst can appear anywhere, starting from your calf to shoulders.

A cyst can promote different types of infection, it gives you a soft sensation when you touch and are painless in nature. It also turns red over time. If it’s a cyst on your skin then don’t worry as it will go in it’s own over the time. Also you can go check a doctor in order to drain the cyst.

epidermic cystEpidermic Cyst

It is also know as “Epidermoid cyst” and “Sebaceous cyst”. They are also non-cancerous and are found in hair follicles. It is most commonly observed in chest, back and genitals areas. Also you can find a lump in butt sometimes but it’s rare that they will turn cancerous.

It’s easy to treat an epidermoid cyst, you can go to a doctor and he will remove the entire sac. Once the sac are removed entirely from the root then no cyst will appear soon.

Draining is not suggested in here as it will again return back with over time.


Neurofibroma are most common on nerve cells but are found sometimes on calf. It’s harmless, grows under the skin and grows deep under the skin. Until and unless you’re pinching that area, you won’t find any pain in your body. It’s rare case that you’ll find it to be malignant.

It can’t be treated in your home. If the symptoms are harsh then you need to take the help of a doctor and the major nerve ill be removed surgically.


It’s similar to skin tumor that can occur in a sun affected area. mainly if your calf is exposed to sun for a longer period then Keratoacanthoma can occur.

If you think you’re being affected by it then non-exposure to sun and wearing covered clothes will help you out till you go for a doctors assistant. Mainly these symptoms are common to people who are aged 65 and above. It’s not something incurable, generally considered as a low grade cancer so you don’t need to worry a lot about it.

If you observe an unnatural growth of about 3-4 inches which is pretty rare then immediately go seek a doctor’s help.


These are generally reddish-brown skin growths that appears in leg and arms. Mostly it looks like a lump when found in your calf muscle. The treatment is pretty straight forward, you can either freeze it by liquid nitrogen or go for a surgery.

Can Lump on a calf tends to Cancer

It’s very hard to determine a cancer from a lump. Above causes mentioned can also promote or lead to cancer after a certain stage. Generally a cancerous growth can be felt when touched, they are soft and smooth in sensation.

In order to understand whether the lump is cancerous or not you can g for biopsy. A biopsy won’t hurt you that much and will be carried under local Anesthesia.

After the biopsy your sample will be taken and sent to the pathogenic lab. There numerous test will be carried out, the size, shape and the nature of the cell will be observed and the report will be generated. You can take the report to your doctor and he will be able to guide you the next steps.


A lump on calf, butt or arms can be both harmful and non-harmful. It’s advisable to take a care of a doctor as you can’t understand the nature of the lump by naked eye.

Biopsy is the most surest way to understand the nature of your lump s be sure to do it.

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