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Nail Fungus: Causes Cure And Treatments Explained


Nail fungus, significantly affects the toe nails but can also afeect the fingernails. Does your nail hurt? Has it turned yellow or grown fragile? Well then, you might be suffering from nail fungus.

Nail fungus, significantly affects the toe nails but can also afeect the fingernails. Technically, this disease is known as onychomycosis which causes abnormal growth of nails, turning them too thick, yellowish and prone to crumble. Generally in these cases, the nails gradually change its color, become wide or too thick and subsequently become painful.

nail fungus explained

Causes Of Nail Fungus

Nail fungus is not rare as a disease and can happen to anyone. So, there is no need to panic. But once you know the causes its easier for you to avoid it. Here are some common causes of nail fungus. Have a look:

Inappropriate care for nail-each of our body part is essential for us and we must look after it effectively.

Nails must be periodically cleaned and you must make sure that no dirt is building inside your nail.

Moreover, if the nail is broken there is a bigger chance for the nail fungus to make an appearance. So you should wash the nails and apply antiseptic creams over the area at this time.

Footwear that is not cleaned for a long time is not a good option to wear. It widens your risk of developing a nail fungus.

If you have a habit of gardening and washing and cutting vegetables brought from market without using gloves then you are increasing your risk of nail fungus.

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Treatments for Nail Fungus

If you are a victim of nail fungus, we are at your help. Here we will provide you with some topical treatments which will help you to get rid of nail fungus easily and cost effectively. These treatments carry a lower risk of side effects and are much less painful than surgery.

  • Medicated nail cream

    – Creams or ointments like ketonazole and terbinafine are best to treat nail fungus. These medicated are a better option for people who cannot take oral antifungal drugs that have serious side effects. This treatment option takes much several months to treat your nail fungus so be patient!

  • Lotions containing urea

    – Urea is a substance that breaks down protein. The lotions having a suitable amount of urea help in making the nails softer. Though these lotions don’t cure nail fungus. So you must use the medicated cream alongside these lotions for a better and quicker result. This will help the cream to penetrate the nail more deeply and therefore cure better. Lotions containing urea have a wide range of variety and brands. Consulting a pharmacist to select will add to your benefits.

  • Medicated nail polish

    Ciclopirox nail lacquer is an effective treatment for your nail. Apply it over your nail just like nail polish once in a day. After seven days rub the area with alcohol and remove it. Cut your nail and file away any loose part and then apply the nail polish again. Side effects are minimal, but time to recover is much long. It can take over a year to curb your nail fungus completely.

When Tropical Treatment Is Not Benefecial

Surgery is the second option if your topical treatment fails. This happens if your nail is severely infected or is very painful. Besides there are some oral- antifungal drugs but doctors don’t prefer to prescribe them since they have serious chances of side effects. People generally don’t keep patience and they go for oral medication for quicker results. Moreover, a topical treatment won’t be much beneficial if more than half of the nail is infected and distorted. In such cases, consulting your doctor and discussing about your infection in details must be your first job to do.

If you got any better way to remove fungus from your nails then do let us know in the comment section. We will highly appreciate that..

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