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Orange diarrhea: Symptoms, Cure And Precautions


Orange diarrhea could be a surprising sight for anyone. It’s more common with a stomach pain. Mainly during pregnancy orange diarrhea can be a regular sight.  Stools can be brownish, a little greenish is all fine but orange can be not only surprising but alarming.

If your poop is of this color I mean orange then you’re really having a serious health issue. It could be the result of GERD, parasites, digestive issues and different food colors. At first we will diagnose about the color and then we will move on it’s cure and precautions.

Orange diarrhea: Causes And how it Affects The Stool Color

foods to avoid during orange stools
Whole blends

Foods And Beverages

Orange diarrhea can be caused due to food colors. Several foods that we intake has artificial yellow or orange coloring that can affect your stool colors. Intake of foods like carrots, cilantro, collard greens and sweet potatoes can result in it. Also beverages can be a factor if it’s of orange in color.

Intake of supplements rich in turmeric are also found to play a major role in orange color of your stools. So by now you know the list of foods that can be responsible for the change in color, try to avoid them for a month. Do you see any changes in your stool? If so then it was all because of your diet.

Digestive Problems

Digestive problems

Digestive problems are the major causes of Orange diarrhea mostly in women than that of men. The main reason behind it could be that it’s not absorbing enough bile salt. Bile is responsible to change the color of your stool to brown, so in-adequate bile can result for the change in color.

Blockage of bile duct can be the worse case, it can result in gallstones and pancreatic cancer. Pancreatic cancer is a life threatening situation and Orange diarrhea is a common symptom during it. Although color of your bowel rarely means or deals in cancer so don’t be afraid.

Infact biliary from cancer produces more commonly ‘white,grey or clay’ colored stools” said by Dr. Paredez.

Conditions like irritable bowel syndrome and short bowel syndrome can cause Orange diarrhea. An inflammation of the lining of large colon can result into Orange diarrhea. That’s all about the digestive issues. If your diet isn’t the cause of orange color in your stools and you think it’s for the digestive issue then go for a doctor’s care.

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Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease is also known as GERD. It is a condition when your body is providing too much of a bile to your throat, that results in indigestion. You can learn more about it in “Webmd“. GERD can also be complex sometimes and can result in esophageal cancer so be cautious.

Orange diarrhea

Orange diarrhea: How to Cure It And What To Prevent

  • At first you need to keep a check on your diet. You’ve to omit all the foods mentioned above that can cause a change in your color of stools.
  • Avoid beverages, drinks and colored preservatives that’s yellow or orange in color.
  • Avoiding high amount of vitamin A.
  • Antacids containing aluminum hydroxide.

That’s all diet is the main thing that can help you to keep a track on this issue. If you still find no change in your stools colors then home remedy won’t work so go for it.

Do you need a doctor

Do you really need a doctor?

That’s the question, do you really need a doctor? It will certainly depend on for how long are you experiencing orange discharge or orange stools? You can try all the curing tips but if those fails and you think you’re having digestive problems then make sure to go for a doctor. The quickest you’ll go for a doctor, the better way you’ll get recovered.

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