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Vaginal Yeast Infection symptoms cure prevention explained


Vaginal yeast infection, it is also known as candidiasis. Vaginal yeast infection is most common in teens as compared to matured woman’s. In simple words when the balance of bacteria and yeast get’s imbalanced vaginal  yeast infection occurs. Generally, the yeast cell multiplies and it irritates, swells and itches your skin.

There is a myth that vaginal yeast infection are common to woman after their intercourse’s but it’s completely false, it can happen to anyone be they are of any age group.

What Are the Common Symptoms of vaginal yeast infection

Here are some of the symptoms that you experience during vaginal yeast infection, you can diagnose yourself by matching with this symptoms.

  • Rash.
  • Pain During Intercourse.
  • Redness on the skin.
  • Burning sensation during sex or urination.
  • Swelling around the vagina.
  • Vaginal discharge (Whitish, grayish, thick), looks same as that of cottage cheese.

Also some girls mentioned that the vaginal discharge was a bit watery. If you experience any of the symptoms from above then don’t delay go for the treatments.

Vaginal yeast infection: Causes Explained!

As mentioned earlier vaginal yeast infection are generally caused due to candidiasis, but other factors also play a major role in it. Candida albicans is the scientific name of the yeast. Though it’s commonly present in the vagina canal, but due to certain abnormalities like diabetics, intake of drugs the balance of bacteria can get nurtured and thus result in vaginal yeast infection.

  • Uses Of Antibiotics.
  • Pregnancy.
  • Weak Immune System.
  • Hormonal Imbalance.
  • Stress.
  • Poor Diet.

Home Remedies To Cure vaginal yeast infection

Here are some natural home remedies that you can try for when treating vaginal yeast infection. These are simple, effective and natural.

  1. Uses Of Coconut Oil to treat the yeast infection. Coconut can be used for  a variety of purposes including your skin care.
  2. Garlic, you can use garlic on the infected area.
  3. Yogurt, inserted to vagina. It gives you relief and a sense of comfort.
  4. Tea tree oil Cream, they are used to treat skin issues.
  5. Give Monistat or Vagisil a try.

Monistat is an ideal chhoice in order to treat any kind of vaginal infections. Most of the doctors will prescribe this medicine only. Vagisil is new but you can always give that a try too. That’s all about home remedies.

Diagnosing And Treating Your Yeast Infection

Yeast infection can be both simple and complicated. As it’s a vaginal yeast infection so there are lots of uncountable possibilities.

Simple Infection

If it’s simple, it can be cured with the home remedies stated above. Also the doctor will prescribe you some creams, antibiotics and you’ll get cured within several weeks.

If the infection starts again then you already know the required medications.

Complicated Infection

If it’s something complicated, then hurry up! only a doctor can treat you better. Don’t be shy just speak out your problem.

  • Extreme Redness, continuous itching or tears in your vaginal tissues.
  • Infections not curing and coming again and again.
  • Are Pregnant.
  • Are HIV.

Also make sure to check if your partner is having any sort of infections or not. You can do some hit and trials by stop doing sex for a month, treating yourself with monistat. In-case you found no cure then go seek a doctor as soon as possible.


As I always say, prevention is better than cure. Here are some best ways that you can follow:

  • Use condoms during intercourse. (If you think your partner is having any infections)
  • Avoid all sorts of artificial scented tampons.
  • Stop wearing tight pants, leggings, etc.
  • Wearing hot suits is a big no if you’re having this infection.
  • Wash your clothes regularly, avoid hot tubs.
  • Be in a proper diet and take regular sleeps.

That’s everything you need to know about Vaginal yeast infection. Don’t try home remedies if you think the case is complex. Additional problems then do comment below, I’ll surely try to help you.

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